Executive Summary

Mdingwa Security Services is a black owned company whose core focus is one of being a value adding security solutions and services provider and partner. Our mission is to enhance our client's ability to become more competitive by ensuring that they work within a safe and secure environment.

This is supported by being passionate about what we do, placing our clients first, the courage to act, respecting the diverse needs our country and continent and being proudly African.
Mdingwa Security Services is able to assist our customers through a service driven approach and keeping abreast of the latest trends and methodologies to drive efficiencies in their operations ensuring we always meet our client's business requirements.

Our staff compliment is well qualified and experienced in the security services industry thus ensuring that all our clients are provided with a professional value-for-money service.
Mdingwa Security Services was established after identifying a need for a security company that is passionate about understanding clients requirements and meeting those requirements while remunerating staff fairly, above industry standards, focusing on our staff's growth and development by constantly offering them refresher and upgrade courses.

Our supervisors visit sites at least once a day, to assess personnel and assist with any emergencies or queries.

Our Vision
To grow our foot prints in the ever challenging environment by increasing our exposure in the security industry.

Selection and Recruitment
We at Mdingwa Security Services strongly believes that in order for us to ensure that our staff conduct themselves professionally and with integrity, our selection criteria needs to be stringent.
Of paramount importance is our selection of key personnel on site who have the ability and relevant skills to manage the rest of the team. Mdingwa Security Services' selection criterion consists of the following:

    • Standard 10 qualifications
    • Series of interviews
    • Literacy in English (Written and Spoken)
    • No criminal record
    • In-depth reference checking
    • PSIRA accredited qualifications
    • Screening profile

On-site Supervision
Each site has a dedicated supervisor on each shift to handle any emergencies that may occur on site. In the event of any emergency, area managers are on call 24/7/365.
Monthly Meetings
To ensure that our client's expectations are met and exceeded, it is recommended that monthly meetings between Mdingwa Security Services management and client be scheduled.

Security Officers in Combat

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