Management Profiles



Managing Member
Mehluleli Zikhali Mdlalose is the core founder and managing member of Mdingwa Security Services. He holds a Higher Diploma in Business Administration, Communication in Business and Public relations. He has massive experience in the corporate world and has held several managerial positions in the Security Industry. He is Psira complaint and is commonly known as hardworking, industrious, creative, firm, dynamic, proactive and is always hands –on. He believes in seeing things done by the book and takes right decisions without fear or favour of contradictors.





Human Resources
Busisiwe Angel Ndimande is our Human Resources Manager. She holds a diploma in Human Resources and has more than three years experience in the Security Industry. Well vested with all Psira and South African payroll legislations she has served similar positions in some big companies within the boundaries of RSA. Her main role as stated by her position is the welfare of all the employees, ranging from recruiting, disciplinary etc. She is bubbling with confidence in executing her duties. She is always available at the company’s head office in Braamfontein and is also Psira complaint.





Eugene Mthembeni Biyela is our Area Manager. He is Psira compliant and has done a lot in the Security Industry. He has massive experience in armed reaction, fire arm and is SASSETA complaint. He drives all-over our radius coordinating with the officers on site. He has been with various big Security Companies and gone through all the ranks to where he is today. He has more than twelve years experience in the security industry.

Mehluleli Zikhali Mdlalose


Busisiwe Angela Ndimande


Eugene Mthembeni Biyela